Babysitting course & safety training for kids

First Aid & Safety Training

Ontario's Best Babysitting Course!

The Babysitter's Course is specially designed for pre-teens and teens to learn how to be a great babysitter, and feel safe doing it.

With over 13 years of teaching in communities all across Ontario, we are the leader in providing the very best in babysitter training. 

Our Babysitting Course covers how to stay safe, and how to keep the children safe, as well as how to and when to call for help.  Our training includes calling 911, how to deal with behaviours and basic first aid.  When teaching the participants, we also divide the child care into different age frames, Infants, Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers and School Aged children.

Registration:  The Babysitters Course is taught throughout Ontario, in many different safe venues.  We also teach in many schools as part of their school curriculum.

You can register online.  Once registration is completed, a confirmation email with the details about your scheduled course will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Babysitting Training For Pre-Teens and Teenagers Aged 10-15

  • Simple techniques for First Aid
  • How to handle emergency situations and what to tell 911
  • Learn how to make a ‘Babysitters Binder’ to stay organized
  • Strategies to create a safe and happy environment for children
  • Learn how to deal with choking and breathing emergencies
  • Skills to foster positive interaction with children of all ages
  • Babysitters and families rights and responsibilities
  • Tips for finding babysitting jobs
  • Basic Baby and childcare skills
  • How to prepare your own resume and business cards
  • Basic First Aid and learn about sudden medical conditions
  • Demonstration on how to use and Epi-Pen© and an inhaler trainer