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Why are people nervous of having their child’s name exposed?  Some people feel that if they have a tag on their child’s backpack, lunch bag, jacket or anything that you’re child uses and someone they do not know reads their name, then the stranger will know or remember your child’s name.  Is this something to be concerned about? 

Here at Seconds Save Lives, we teach our children to have the skills to be able to deal with strangers who may approach them, talk to them and use their name.  Whether a stranger knows your child’s name or not, your child should know what to do if approached.  In our Stranger Danger; Internet Safety & Bullying 101 course, we let the children know the following.

  1. There are strangers we do not know (they should not know your child’s name).
  2. There are strangers we know, but do not know very well (they may know your child’s name).
  3. There are safe strangers (who may or may not know your child’s name).

With these skills and ideas surrounding strangers, your child should be taught no matter what kind of stranger someone is, to never go with them, even if they know their first and last name!  This includes anyone in their life that you did not approve them to leave with. 

Seconds Save Lives teaches the participants in our Stranger Danger; Internet Safety & Bullying 101 course, to have code words.  Does your child have a code word with you?  This code word should be used by the stranger if they need to explain to your child why it is that they need to take your child somewhere that they were not otherwise scheduled to go to.  This code word should mostly be used in situations where there was an emergency, where you as the parent or caregiver could not follow through with the original plan for some reason or another.  Your child should know NOT to stray from the plan of asking for this code word, this is a must!  As well, this trusted adult that you have sent to retrieve your children for you should not take the child with them, knowing that they are waiting to make the transaction of the code word.

Secondly we teach basic self defense to be able to get away from an unwanted and threatening strangers.  We show simple skills to get away from a stranger using techniques that can ‘scare’ the stranger away.  We also teach specific techniques on how to escape a ‘rear grab’ and a ‘hand grab’.  These techniques are especially warranted when your child is being taken against their will.  This goes hand and hand with another blog post called; A Door can be a Lifesaver or a Danger.  You can find this post here:

So, in the end, whether your child’s name is known or not, you should arm your kids with the skills to be able to deal with strangers of any kind, because seconds do save lives.  If you are interested in registering with Seconds Save Lives for one of our Stranger Danger; Internet Safety & Bullying 101 courses in your local community in Ontario, click here.

Be safe.

Seconds Save Lives Team

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"Thank you so much for having my daughters attend The Babysitters Course on the PD Day.  It was so great to have a place for them to go to, and learn such valuable information while I was at work!  They loved Stephanie the instructor, they thought she was a lot of fun.  Great work!"

Susan, Kitchener, ON