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The Stranger Danger; Internet Safety & Bullying 101 course is specially designed for pre-teens to learn how to stay safe while out of their home and how to deal with strangers in all aspects of life.  They will also learn about and how to be safe while online and the dangers that can arise while online.  This course also teaches about bullying, and how to deal with a bully, what to do if someone else is being bullied and how to stay confident in these situations.

With over 13 years of teaching in communities all across Ontario, we are the leader and only company in providing the very best in training for Stranger Danger, Internet Safety and Bullying.  Stranger Danger; Internet Safety & Bullying 101 was developed 4 years ago and Seconds Save Lives is still the only company to teach this course.

Registration:  The Stranger Danger; Internet Safety & Bullying 101 course is taught throughout Ontario, in many different safe venues.  We also teach in many schools as part of their school curriculum.

You can register online.  Once registration is completed, a confirmation email with the details about your scheduled course will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Stranger Danger; Internet Safety & Bullying 101 for Ages 7-12

  • Staying safe while walking home alone
  • Dealing with strangers at your home and in the community
  • How to stay safe around people you know
  • Safety Tips – Protecting our children from abuse
  • Is your child prepared to avoid and escape from danger? Check list
  • Demonstration of basic self defense techniques
  • Skills to stay safe while ‘surfing’ online and on cell phones
  • How to deal with strangers on the internet
  • Understanding cyber bullying – Skills & Prevention
  • What is a bully?  Who are bullies?  Why are there bullies?
  • What to do if you are bullied?  Skills and confidence techniques
  • How do you help another person who may be being bullied?